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It's Healthy(ish) Hot Chocolate Time!

The mornings are dark, the nights are even darker, the leaves are on the ground...which can only mean it's time to cosy up for Autumn. And what better way to do that than with a warming mug of hot chocolate - filled with some natural sweetness and goodness for you and your Clean Little Tummies of course!

Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast Smoothies. They're everywhere. There are red ones, yellow ones and, increasingly, lots of green ones too. I'm a bit of a fan - there's nothing this happy mummy likes more than a post workout green smoothie. And I have recently discovered that I have three clean little tummies that like them too...for breakfast!

I'll admit, this recipe isn't going to conquer the world. There's nothing complicated or different about it, but it is a favourite for our three, and a great way to fill them up in the morning - perfect to pop into a take away cup and get some good fruits into them too - so I thought I would share as you and your littlelies might like it too!