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Chicken & Cashew Stir Fry

I have spent a while pondering on whether to post my favourite stir-fry recipe. Is it too basic? Is it something that everyone just does as a quick go-to dinner? After much deliberation I have decided to post one of my very tried-and-tested recipes which is a staple here in the Clean Little Tummies household because I think it is a tasty, easy dish, full of colour, and is quite simply a winner dinner!

Goodnight 2016 & Thank You x

As 2016 draws to a close I thought I'd write a little round up of my favourite recipes since I started blogging. 2016 has been the start of new things for myself, Mr J and our Clean Little Tummies. We started the year by offering on a new house which then all went through in May, we've had new starts at school and at playgroup, first tastes and first steps and of course the start of Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies.

Clean Little Chicken Dippers

It's all done for now, again! Halloween is done, half term is done (minus the on going backlog of washing and cleaning) and so it's time for some new dinner ideas to get us through to Christmas! First up this week is some Clean Little Chicken Dippers. Chicken nuggets are often a favourite with children, but they do have a very bad reputation in the world of children's food. So I'm here with a Joe Wicks (who doesn't love a bit of Lean in 15?) inspired recipe that will suit your Clean Little Tummies and make you a happy Mummy or Daddy, without any highly processed 'badness' entering little your Little Tummies. 

Tomato, Mozarella & Pesto Chicken

This recipe is something I've come up with using our favourite pesto sauce after our Italian holiday a few months ago. The Italians just do food so well, don't they? We didn't have a single grumble about food from the littlelies while we we away. This recipe is my take on one of the gorgeous meals we were served one night in the beautiful southern Italian guesthouse: Tomato, mozzarella and pesto chicken. It's a tender chicken breast topped with a pesto and mozzarella crumb, baked with fresh tomatoes on top. Sounds complicated? Not at all! Read on...