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Let's talk about salads

Can we talk about salads please? Do your children eat salads? Do you eat salad? Or does the word "salad" make you think of limp green lettuce, a sad-looking tomato and a slice of cucumber? Well, if it does, I'm here to change your attitude to salads and brighten up your salad outlook.

Classic Pesto

My Instagram followers will already know we are BIG pesto fans here at Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies. I've always enjoyed pesto, but now I make my own I absolutely love pesto. And, lucky for me, so do my three clean little tummies! It is quick to make, and made even quicker by using the magi mix. But, for a good afternoon activity to engage the littlelies (and to get some good incidental exercise) how about making this recipe with a good ol' fashion pestle & mortar? 

Raspberry Chia Jam

One of life's little treats is some toast and jam on a cold winter's morning. But so many shop-bought jams contain enormous amounts of sugar - which do not make for clean little tummies or healthy, cavity-free teeth!

Making jam with chia seeds - those anti-oxidant packed little super seeds - is a good way to make jam which is both lower in sugar (thanks to the way the chia seeds expand with fluids, making the jam more viscous without the need for more sugar) and also higher in nutritional value.