Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast Smoothies. They're everywhere. There are red ones, yellow ones and, increasingly, lots of green ones too. I'm a bit of a fan - there's nothing this happy mummy likes more than a post workout green smoothie. And I have recently discovered that I have three clean little tummies that like them too...for breakfast!

I'll admit, this recipe isn't going to conquer the world. There's nothing complicated or different about it, but it is a favourite for our three, and a great way to fill them up in the morning - perfect to pop into a take away cup and get some good fruits into them too - so I thought I would share as you and your little ones might like it too!

You only need four simple ingredients - banana, strawberries, oats and milk - but honestly you can mix in whatever fruits you like with the milk and the oats. You could even add a dollop of nut butter if your heart desires! The oats are the key ingredient for me. I find slow-releasing energy oats is a great way to make sure that little tummies stay full until lunchtime. But, really, any fruits or veggies that they like can be popped in - raspberries with some spinach (perfectly hidden by some fruit) or peaches and mango are some other suggestions, and you could even experiment with using nut milks.  Enjoy!


A large handful of strawberries (frozen strawberries work perfectly and save the pennies!)

1 banana

75g oats

200ml of milk (milk of your choice) 

What do I do?

Blend all ingredients together in your food processor, nutribullet or simple blender - any will do the job just fine!

These quantities makes three small smoothies for my three little tummies, but you can adjust the quantities accordingly. If you like a thicker smoothie, add some natural yoghurt or if you want it runnier just add more milk.

Enjoy your smoothies!

Caroline and the clean little tummies x

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