Snacks to Stay Cool

Snacks to Stay Cool


It is not often that, as an English person, you experience a ‘heatwave’ and can experiment with snacks to help stay cool and healthy. So before we go back to rain, I thought I'd seize the golden (literally!) opportunity to share some quick ideas - some old and some new - to cool off in this delightful sunshine. Try them quickly before we're back to winter warmers!


This recipe could not be easier to make. Simply slice up your watermelon into triangle shaped wedges, stick an ice lolly stick in to the skin and pop in the freezer until frozen. These really are so good for cooling off in the heat, perfect for little tummies and older ones too. A really great teething treat too - so soothing on those sore little gums.



An easy way to stay hydrated and add a little fun, flavour and extra nutrition to water: Fruity flavoured waters. Add any fruits you like to water- we love berries, orange slices and some mint. (See the full recipe idea here)



Another frozen fruit idea, but these do go down a treat!


- Mix some greek yoghurt with some maple syrup for some added sweetness

- Cut bananas in half; stick a lolly stick in the end of the banana

- Dip the end of the banana in the yoghurt mix, and then dip in a topping of choice. We like freeze dried raspberries, but any kind of sprinkles are tasty.

Or for a more indulgent treat, dip in some melted chocolate - at least some fruit is being eaten at the same time!



Everyone loves an ice lolly at this time of year, and we have two favourite recipes here at Clean Little Tummies. They are full of fruity sweetness but without all the colours and added preservatives of some of the shop-bought alternatives.

Firstly, the Strawberry Topped Ice Lolly. So refreshing and a mix of ice lolly and ice cream, these are deceptively delicious. I can't tell you how many I've made already this summer.


Secondly, Tropical Lollies which are a delicious flavour combination of mango and coconut, totally transforming you to a white sandy beach far, far away! Give them a go, you won't be disappointed.


So before the sun goes, why not give some of these little cool little treats a go? Hope you and your little ones enjoy them outside in this beautiful English summer.

Thank you for reading.

Love, Caroline & The Clean Little Tummies xxxx


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