A Simple Warming One Pot Chicken Dish

A Simple Warming One Pot Chicken Dish


Well it certainly is cold here at Clean Little Tummies HQ. We've not seen snow like this for a while, and all we want is warming food. Here is a quick little recipe I’ve adapted from many other chicken casseroles I've made before; you only need one pot, any winter vegetables you have, and it is a healthy, simple dinner that will simmer away in your slow cooker awaiting your return! Enjoy!

You will need:

4 chicken breasts chopped into chunks. (boneless chicken thighs work well too and are cheaper)

3 rashers of streaky bacon, chopped

1 large carrot, diced

200g shallots, peeled or if short on time one large chopped onion

1 stick of celery, chopped

200g button mushrooms

1 tbsp plain flour 

600ml good quality chicken stock (use a salt free option for under 1s)

A good sprinkling of thyme, fresh or dried

To make this delicious dinner for a family of 4 or 6 (depending on your winter appetites!)

Pre heat the oven to 160C.

Place all the prepared meat, vegetables and herbs into an oven proof dish, or your slow cooker, and then place on the stove with a tablespoon of olive oil to brown. 

Once browned, add the plain flour, stir well until all the ingredients are covered and then add the stock, season well (if to your liking) and place in the oven for a couple of hours until the chicken is tender and you have a lovely, thick sauce. Serve with rice, little jacket potatoes, or on its own. 

Leftovers? They freeze brilliantly ready for the next snow day or add some more chicken stock and blitz in a blender to make a warming chicken soup.

Want it to be gluten free? Replace the plain flour with a tablespoon of cornflour mixed with a tablespoon of water.

Want more vegetables? Add any other root vegetables you may have, the addition of diced butternut squash is very tasty.

Want to add some more luxury to this family dinner? Make some little dumplings-We love these by BBC Good Food

Thank you for reading x

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