Strawberry-topped Summer Ice Lollies

Strawberry-topped Summer Ice Lollies

I first came up with this recipe when we were enjoying the first days of beautiful British spring. The sun was out, and so was the garden furniture and the barbecue. But, since then the weather has felt more like November again! Ever the optimist, I hope that by sharing this recipe the sun will come out and you will be in need of some coolness for your Clean Little Tummies.

This a simple little recipe which you can whizz up in minutes and leave them in the freezer for whenever that sun arrives. You will need a ice lolly mould - there are some gorgeous ones around at the moment. Ours are from Waitrose, but check out these pretty ones on amazon - which Clean Little Tummy could resist an ice lolly in one of these?

Filled with fruit, yoghurt, and milk, these make a great afternoon snack or a lovely little dessert option especially for playdates (it seems all five-year-olds expect treats on play dates!). These definitely feel like a treat, but by using really ripe bananas you get so much natural sweetness that no one need ever know that there's no added sugar at all! 

Here's what you need to make six ice lollies

10 strawberries, chopped very finely or blitzed into a puree 

2 very ripe bananas 

100g thick natural yoghurt

200 ml milk 

Here's how to make them

Firstly, finely chop the strawberries and divide them between the six moulds. Really press them down into the end of the moulds so they make a good strawberry top for the lolly.

Blend all the other ingredients together, I used the nutribullet, as I love how smooth it makes the lollies.

Pour the mixture evenly between the six lolly moulds and place in the freezer to set. 

Remove from the moulds whenever you are ready to cool off! And there you have it, a healthy, refined sugar-free indulgent treat for a hot summer's day! I hope we are blessed with many hot days to enjoy them!

Love Caroline & The Clean Little Tummies xxxx




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