Zesty Summer Fruity Waters

Zesty Summer Fruity Waters

During these long, hot summer days (they have finally arrived!), Clean Little Tummies need lots of hydration. Water is best of course, as it doesn't add anything unhealthy to their tummies and it's kind to their teeth, but sometimes little ones want something else - and who can blame them? Sometimes Mummy likes a gin to mix up the healthiness too!

But instead of the artificial colour-filled, sugar-filled squashes or fizzy stuff, why not try mixing up some different fruit flavours into jugs of iced water? The nutrients leach into the water from the fruits, having added health benefits, and at the end of a glass a nice bit of fruit easily pops into their mouths without them barely knowing! Leave jugs of pretty water and some cups out in the afternoon, and they can help themselves as they play.

It is so important for children to stay hydrated. As a mum, you see firsthand when they've not had enough to drink: They get headaches, get tired, get grumpy, suffer from poor concentration and bad digestion, as well as constipation - much the same as adults really. They can also suffer from cracked lips, migraines and dark urine.

Did you know that children under the age of eight should be drinking 4 to 8 glasses of water a day? My little boys do this easily, they're always drinking from their water bottles, but my daughter is a very reluctant drinker and will go all day without a sip unless I'm on her case. I think she simply doesn't feel thirst as much as the boys. But I've found that if I add different colours and natural flavours to water it actually encourages her and the boys to drink more, which is definitely a good thing. I know lots of adults who forget to drink too, and are always trying to think of ways to drink more, so this may help the mummies and daddies out there too.

These aren't exactly recipes, just flavour combinations that we like. Mix them up, give them a whirl and see if these bright fruity, herby colours can encourage your Clean Little Tummies to drink more and stay hydrated through these gorgeous summer months -which have to be just round the corner don't they????

Strawberry, Cucumber and Mint

Add chopped, hulled strawberries, cucumber and mint leaves to a jug of iced water. Refreshing and delicious - it could almost be Pimms!

Citrus Flavours

Add slices of lemon, lime and oranges to iced water. Zesty and super cooling.

Berry Mix

Add raspberries, blueberries and strawberries to iced water. A real sweet treat. I can guarantee they're aren't many berries left at the end!

Raspberry & Mint with Crushed Ice

Add raspberries and mint leaves to crushed ice for a fruity, fresh drink.

If you have a nutribullet then it makes the best crushed ice!

Enjoy the summer sunshine and some fruity flavours in your water. Don't forget to let me know your favourite flavours!

Love From

Caroline & The Clean Little Tummies xxxx

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