Clean Little Tummies get out into the Clean Fresh Air: Active snacks for an active weekend!

Clean Little Tummies get out into the Clean Fresh Air: Active snacks for an active weekend!

Last weekend we were lucky enough to grab some 'family time' at Center Parcs Woburn and we had a ball! It is a great place for all the family, where every need is catered for. My Clean Little Tummies were in their element, splashing around in the pool, hiking through the forests, throwing stones onto the frozen lake and being throughly spoilt by their grandparents in our Scandi Lodge. Anyone who has been to Center Parcs will know that it is an active - albeit exhausting - break where everyone has the opportunity to get in some exercise and try different activities, all in one place. Think pottery painting next to the bowling alley which leads in to soft play, while the Aqua Sana Spa leads off to the badminton courts facing the climbing wall. 

So you're probably wondering why I am writing about Center Parcs - what does that have to do with Clean Little Tummies, you might ask? Well, I spent last week filling our storage containers with food perfect for Clean Little Tummies (and grown ups) to keep us well-and-truly fuelled for our active weekend, and I thought I'd share the best bits with you in case you'd like to try some now or on your next family adventure. (Half term is just around the corner don't forget).

With so many activities planned, I figured the best way to start the day was (of course) with some of our Homemade Granola and natural greek yoghurt: A simple recipe full of oaty goodness and naturally sweet fruit. Check out the recipe here (and don't forget you can add any fruits, nuts or seeds that take your fancy). 

We also swapped dull toast for some of our Date & Raisin Breakfast loaf. We haven't had this in a while and it was such a treat, (especially for this happy mummy, as I managed to get in a run before breakfast each day, so I definitely needed something warm and tasty to refuel!) If you've not tried it yet, you must. Click here for the simple-yet-delicious recipe. 

The rest of the day was about filling up on energy-boosting snacks between climbing, swimming, table tennis and charging around in the soft play areas (in the corner of the coffee area - a perfect mummy & daddy hang out!) So I made sure I had plenty on hand.

Our Banana, Blueberry and Cashew bars were a big hit, we had a our nephew with us too and he was very keen on them. I also took the opportunity to make some Blueberry Porridge Squares which a much-loved recipe here by the brilliant Liviaskitichen. Such a simple recipe, but so filling and loved by my Clean Little Tummies. If you don't have oat milk, swap it for almond or any other milk you like. You won't be disappointed with the five minutes it takes to prepare. 

Of course after running around after the Clean Little Tummies and doing my own activities I needed some fuel too, so I took a long a batch of my Little Bites of Energy for Mummies. Love the sweetness of them, and they really do get you through endless rapids in the swimming pool!

Finally, for a sweet treat perfect for all the family I made some Carrot Cake Porridge Bars, a recipe by the amazing My Lovely Little Lunch Box. If you haven't tried them then I urge you too, they are so good and they are perfect with an afternoon cup of tea.

I hope you enjoy making some of these for your active time. It is so important to keep our Clean Little Tummies healthy, active and well nourished. Please don't forget to share your bakes or non-bakes with me, I love to see them.

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Caroline & The Clean Little Tummies Gang xxxx


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