Dinner for little ones on the run: Courgette & Spinach Frittata!

Dinner for little ones on the run: Courgette & Spinach Frittata!

Life as a mum is a juggling act...keeping all the balls in the air whilst trying to remain sane, happy and healthy. One of the daily struggles I have as a mum of school-age children is catering for little tummies whilst on the run to swimming club, ballet, gymnastics, football - need I go on? "Picnics" with sandwiches are all well and good, but if it's the main meal of the day then a sandwich doesn't really cut it, does it? Don't despair, I have another idea for you to try for when you're out and about during teatime: Frittata!

The Spanish have been dishing up "tortilla" (Spanish for frittata) for centuries, packed with eggs, potatoes and onions. The Spanish version is certainly filling, albeit a bit of a stodgy dish. Thanks to the Italians, however, we have a lighter alternative containing a few greens, which up the vitamin and mineral uptake nicely, as well as some cheese (you decide which sort) for some added bone-building calcium. It is quick to make, and though it's delicious eaten hot, it's also super tasty cut up in to slices and packed in the lunch/tea bag. It can also be cooked in a mini muffin tin to make individual sized portions, perfect for little fingers, or as an on-the-go snack.

Like all of our Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies recipes, the ingredients you use can be flexible. In our household, our frittata selection usually reflects what's in our fridge and in season. One of my favourites is some leftover sweet potato thrown in with some feta. But today's winner with the clean little tummies uses a courgette, a handful of baby spinach leaves and some good old fashioned cheddar. Nothing fancy, but tasty, filling, packed full of green veggies and easy to pack up for an on-the-go tea.


4 eggs

1 courgette chopped into small pieces

handful of spinach, chopped

50g grated cheese

How do I do it?

Pre heat the oven to 200C

Once the courgette is chopped you can either gently sauté it for a few minutes in a frying pan to soften it or CHEAT (win!) and place it in a microwavable bowl in the microwave for 1 minute on high to soften. (Always my preferred speedy method!)

Crack the eggs into a bowl, whisk, then add the chopped spinach and the softened courgettes and two thirds of the cheese.* Mix well.

Heat some oil in a medium-sized frying pan and pour in the egg mixture. **

Cook over a low heat for 5 mins or until two-thirds of the frittata is set.

Sprinkle over the remaining cheese then cook in the oven for 10-15 mins until cooked through.

Can be served warm or cold with crudités, salad, breadsticks or bread. 

* If you want to add something more filling, this is the time to add some sliced cooked new potatoes, some cooked sweet potato or butternut squash. 

** If making into mini muffin sized bites then just add the mixture to your muffin tray and bake in the oven for 5-10 minutes. 

Enjoy & happy teatime picnic!

Love Caroline & the Clean Little Tummies xxxx



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