Festive Fun for Clean Little Tummies

Festive Fun for Clean Little Tummies

Term is over for us here and I'm not sure who is more excited, me or the children. Two full weeks without school runs, screaming tantrum filled nursery drop offs, swimming lessons with two little ones in tow but instead long, chilled days at home celebrating my favourite time of the year. Sounds idyllic doesn't it? Until about 10am on Monday morning when every toy in the house will be out, we'll be on snack number 5 and there will have been a million fights over the red pencil! So what can we do to entertain Little Ones during the school holidays. At this time of year there isn't a shortage of festive fun on offer but I thought i'd like to give you some ideas for some festive foodie fun for your Clean Little Tummies. Not all clean but all fun and will hopefully give you some quality time with your family and even some festive foodie treats to enjoy once they're in bed!

Giving the Gift of Food

Granola makes a pretty tasty gift for friends and family, have you tried our super nutty granola recipe? Why not add some festive fruits to it, cranberries work brilliantly at this time of year and give it an attractive jewelled look. Pop it in a kilner jar all tied up with beautiful Christmas ribbon and you have a lovely homemade gift as well as having had some fun with your little ones. 

Or make a batch of our Clean Little Christmas Cookies and put them into a jar, wrap up with pretty festive ribbon and you have a lovely gift for younger ones. 

Mince Pies

Can anyone really let the Christmas season go by without baking or at least eating mince pies? Children love making mince pies too! Rolling, cutting, spooning in the mincemeat, it's all such good fun. A perfect school holiday activity, just make sure you've got everything ready so as to avoid toddler meltdowns. I prefer to make the pastry ahead of time so it's ready for a children's session. Then lay everything out ready, rolling pins, little bowls of mince meat, cutters (we're a big fan of the star top here!) and the pie tray. I always find the impatience of children can make baking together stressful but preparation and organisation really eases the pain! (doesn't it always?)

Whilst I am a big fan of the traditional mince pie and have already made a few batches for Christmas parties, I have also found a couple of yummy alternative recipes which I think you might like. Have you tried these delicious mince pies from Deliciously Ella? The recipe is on her website here for mince pies A truly tasty mince pie with none of the naughtiness of the traditional sort! 

Or for a cheaper, more simple version try this version by the Hemsley Hemsley sisters. So delicious you can taste Christmas in your mouth!

Unicorn Bark

This most definitely isn't on the everyday menu of Clean Little Tummies,  nor is it refined sugar free but we did enjoy making it. A brilliant idea from bbcgoodfood.com - white chocolate unicorn bark! Yum! We had a playdate on Monday so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try this out and what a success. Melted white chocolate in little bowls with squeeze tubes of food colouring and lots of sweets - child heaven. They loved watching the chocolate change colour, mixing it and swirling the chocolate with cocktail sticks and best of all sprinkling it all with mini marshmallows and rainbow drops. Once broken into bark it made a lovely going home gift at the end of the playdate. Like I say, not one for everyday but if you can't make white chocolate unicorn bark at Christmas when can you?!

Food banks

A final foodie idea isn't about making food for you to eat but giving food for others to eat. We get so caught up in the magic and indulgence of Christmas that it is so easy to forget and let our children forget that Christmas isn't such a happy time for everyone. One of our Advent activities (see An Advent Calendar of Family Fun) has been to buy some food and give it to the local food bank. I really wanted to impress on our children even at such a young age that not everyone will be enjoying Christmas lunch like us so I took them to the local supermarket and guided them in buying some food suitable for the food bank. They chose cereal, tins of beans, soups and biscuits. It was lovely to see them thinking about where the food might be going and I hope it will make them appreciate their own Christmas just a little more. Why not try it with your Clean Little Tummies?

So just a few ideas for you to try, enjoy the festive season and have yourself a very merry Christmas too.

Love & Season Greetings From

Caroline & the Clean Little Tummies xxxx

Goodnight 2016 & Thank You x

Goodnight 2016 & Thank You x

Clean Little Christmas Cookies

Clean Little Christmas Cookies