Coconut Fish Dish

Coconut Fish Dish

Our One Pot Vegetable Rice proved such a hit with you all and your Clean Little Tummies (which I'm thrilled about, by the way!), I've come up with a similar fish dish with a twist - and, as always, the option to mix it up if you like.

We here at Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies are big fans of Thai and Vietamese food - Mr J and I spent some time travelling in Asia back in the days before toddlers and tantrums, and we adored the food we sampled on our travels, where a culinary treat awaited us on every corner. I love the strong flavours of ginger, chilli and extra spice, mellowed with the sweet flavour of coconut, and I often look to incorporate these flavours in my kitchen.... Which is where our Coconut Fish Dish evolved from! I use cayenne pepper and paprika in this dish (more Portuguese in origin than Asian to be honest, but they're similar and gentler on a younger palate) mellowed with coconut milk, then add a squeeze of lime juice for some zest and to bring in that Asian flavour.

I have used a whitefish (cod) in this dish - a great way to add Omega 3s into the Clean Little Tummies' diet, but also a great way to actually get them to eat fish in the first place, as I know a white fish is usually acceptable to my three! It has a very mild flavour which has a double bonus effect: it soaks up the flavours of the broth nicely AND it helps to persuade your clean little tummies that, See! Fish IS tasty.  And of course small chunks of white fish are very quick to cook - perfect for any mummy in a hurry (aren't we always?!) But any white fish will work, see what's on offer at the fish counter. 

Of course, if chicken or red meat is your thing, go ahead. I can't claim to have tried it with red meat but chicken has gone down a storm here too. Adding prawns in with your white fish is also a good choice. I've also added red and yellow peppers as well as baby corn because I think they compliment the dish nicely, but green beans work well as do mangetout or sugar snap peas.

It's another simple recipe, ready in 20 minutes or so with a very simple ingredient list. 

So, what do you need?

4 cod fillets

1 small onion

1 red pepper, chopped

1 yellow pepper, chopped

Some baby corn

1 red chilli, finely sliced

1 lime

1 can of coconut milk

pinch of cayenne pepper

1 tsp paprika

Coriander to serve

So, what do I do?

Heat some oil in a large dish, add the onion, sliced chilli and chopped peppers and allow them to soften.

Once softened, add the paprika, cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lime. Mix with the onions, chilli and peppers until they become fragrant.

Pour in the coconut milk, then add the fish. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 10-15 minutes until the fish is cooked through.

Serve with chopped coriander and a squeeze of lime and a big bowl of rice. Simply delicious and a perfect warming dinner for the colder evenings.

Serves 4.


Love Caroline & the Clean Little Tummies xxx





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