a home for recipes and food inspiration for clean little tummies and happy mummies.


My name is Caroline and I am mum to three "clean little tummies": Belle (5), Joe (3) and Sam (1).  Like most busy mummies, I have long struggled to find a varied yet manageable ‘go to’ list of filling, nutritious food to keep my children healthy, full of energy and interested. While baby food was simple and healthy, as my children got bigger it became clear there is a lot less inspiration and direction for clean-eating, children-friendly recipes, and a lot more sugar and processed foods!

Fed up but determined, and being a long-time food lover, I set about creating recipes of my own. I started an Instagram account @cleantummieshappymummies in 2016 to showcase my creations as well as share inspiration for children - and their parents! Life is hectic as a family of five, but I believe in inspiring and educating others to create interesting meals and snacks which encourage healthy eating because, as I’m sure you know, clean little tummies mean happy mummies’!

Wishing you love, health & happiness

Caroline xx


Me & the "Clean Little Tummies"

Me & the "Clean Little Tummies"