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Get Ready for Summer Holidays

As I write, we are in the last full week of school here in the UK, with six long weeks stretching out in front of us. I think every Mum (& Dad) in the country is filled with excitement - and terror. How lovely it will be to not do the school run for six weeks, constantly giving them time deadlines, 'hurry up we're going to be late, the bell has gone, come on...', and giving them some freedom to play and just be children. The flip side, of course, is less appealing: Sibling arguments, whinging when they don't get to do exactly what they want, and the constant need for food, snacks, picnics... and more snacks.

Let's talk about salads

Can we talk about salads please? Do your children eat salads? Do you eat salad? Or does the word "salad" make you think of limp green lettuce, a sad-looking tomato and a slice of cucumber? Well, if it does, I'm here to change your attitude to salads and brighten up your salad outlook.

Summer picnics with summer vegetable fritters

When summer finally arrives one of our favourite things to do here at Clean Little Tummies is head out for picnics. I think almost every day of the summer holidays last year had some sort of picnic in it. One of the best things about the long summer evenings is packing a picnic tea and heading off into the countryside for a chilled picnic tea (on days when the social lives of 3 children allows it of course!) Picnic or not Clean Little Tummies still need feeding wholesome goodness and these gorgeous golden fritters are a perfect lunchbox/teabox filler.

Simple Baked Risotto

The thought of risotto conjures cosy images of a warm bowl of rice filled with yummy flavours...but also the pain of standing at the stove for at least half an hour stirring and adding ingredients! Not an ideal, child-friendly dinner option, especially if you have an 18-month old, like me, who hangs around your legs opening every drawer and cupboard possible in the kitchen... Unless of course you do a baked risotto. I know, who would have thought it? A creamy rice dish full of flavours you and your clean little tummies like, all in one dish, and thrown in the oven!

Pesto Crumb Fish Cakes

I love when a recipe comes together out of leftovers; there is simply nothing that makes a mum happier than a delicious dish that appears out of thin air. This, I'm delighted to say, is exactly how we came to make our Pesto Crumb Fish Cakes this week. We had some leftover mash potato, some leftover pesto breadcrumbs from our Tomato Mozarella & Pesto Chicken and, after popping a couple of extra salmon fillets into cook with the salmon we were having for dinner the night before, all our ingredients (bar a dash of lemon juice and zest) were ready to go!

Chicken & Cashew Stir Fry

I have spent a while pondering on whether to post my favourite stir-fry recipe. Is it too basic? Is it something that everyone just does as a quick go-to dinner? After much deliberation I have decided to post one of my very tried-and-tested recipes which is a staple here in the Clean Little Tummies household because I think it is a tasty, easy dish, full of colour, and is quite simply a winner dinner!

Fajita Bowls

I don't know about you, but it seems "bowls" are the "it" dish of 2017: Smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, goodness bowls, green bowls - I can't scroll through my Instagram feed without a wide selection of bowls popping up. Not wanting to miss out on all the bowl fun, I've come up with a special bowl à la clean little tummies this weekA fajita bowl suitable for Clean Little Tummies and Happy Mummies everywhere.

Clean Little Fish Fingers

2017...It's finally here! We're over the festivities, and all the change-ups that it brings, and finally back to normal. And "normal" calls for... meal planning and getting back some of the routine we left behind in, well, November really! 

Goodnight 2016 & Thank You x

As 2016 draws to a close I thought I'd write a little round up of my favourite recipes since I started blogging. 2016 has been the start of new things for myself, Mr J and our Clean Little Tummies. We started the year by offering on a new house which then all went through in May, we've had new starts at school and at playgroup, first tastes and first steps and of course the start of Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies.

Our 5 Favourite Winter Warmers

One of my favourite bits about November is the warming winter dinners, like soups and stews, that start to appear on our weekly menu plan. You can bring out the slow-cooker (if you have one), or allow something delicious to simmer gently in the oven or on your stove for a few hours - your house will smell irresistible when you get in from work or school, or the dreaded swimming lessons! If you're clever, and pop in as many veggies and proteins as you can, then you and your Clean Little Tummies will get all the nourishment you need simply from one big bowlful. 

Clean Little Chicken Dippers

It's all done for now, again! Halloween is done, half term is done (minus the on going backlog of washing and cleaning) and so it's time for some new dinner ideas to get us through to Christmas! First up this week is some Clean Little Chicken Dippers. Chicken nuggets are often a favourite with children, but they do have a very bad reputation in the world of children's food. So I'm here with a Joe Wicks (who doesn't love a bit of Lean in 15?) inspired recipe that will suit your Clean Little Tummies and make you a happy Mummy or Daddy, without any highly processed 'badness' entering little your Little Tummies. 

Coconut Fish Dish

Our One Pot Vegetable Rice proved such a hit with you all and your Clean Little Tummies (which I'm thrilled about, by the way!), I've come up with a similar fish dish with a twist - and, as always, the option to mix it up if you like. Inspired by our Asian journeys before toddlers and tantrums, and with Clean Little Tummies appropriate spices, this one pot fish dish is another winner in our household. 

Tomato, Mozarella & Pesto Chicken

This recipe is something I've come up with using our favourite pesto sauce after our Italian holiday a few months ago. The Italians just do food so well, don't they? We didn't have a single grumble about food from the littlelies while we we away. This recipe is my take on one of the gorgeous meals we were served one night in the beautiful southern Italian guesthouse: Tomato, mozzarella and pesto chicken. It's a tender chicken breast topped with a pesto and mozzarella crumb, baked with fresh tomatoes on top. Sounds complicated? Not at all! Read on...

One Pot Vegetable Rice

I, like all you other mums and dads, am always looking for inspiration for meals the whole family can eat, not just the little ones - they mean less preparation, less cooking and less fuss. I have three rules: meals must be nutritious, full of colour and, most importantly, enjoyed by my clean little tummies. No one likes an arduous teatime when little voices moan!

Armed with inspiration from Deliciously Ella's Every Day cook book, I have adapted one of her recipes to suit the taste buds of my clean little tummies and have created the One Pot Vegetable Rice. It has been a bit hit with my three little tummies!