Perfect Protein Pancakes with Blueberry Chia Jam

Once again Pancake Day is almost upon us - a fun excuse to heat up the pan and get some flipping going on. There's also the annual school pancake race to attend (important stuff!), so here I am with a quick protein-packed pancake option, not just for Pancake Day, but for any occasion you fancy. Perhaps Pancake Day can be the inspiration for your first batch this year.

Clean Little Breakfast Muffins

We're on half term this week, so our mornings have been slower, more relaxed and just generally more pleasant (and with a lot less nagging!) But, of course, this week won't last forever (sigh) so I'm here with a new breakfast idea that is ready to go first thing and also makes a lovely end of half term activity for your Clean Little Tummies.

Clean Little Tummies get out into the Clean Fresh Air: Active snacks for an active weekend!

This weekend we were lucky enough to grab some family time at Center Parcs Woburn and we had a ball! It is a great place for all the family, every need is catered for with small children and my Clean Little Tummies were in their element splashing around in the pool, hiking through the forests, throwing stones on to the frozen lake and being throughly spoilt by their Grandparents in our Scandi Lodge. Anyone who has been to Center Parcs will know that it is an active albeit exhausting break where everyone has the opportunity to be active and try things that are not usually on offer all in one place. Think pottery painting next to the bowling alley which leads in to soft play, the Aqua Sana spa leading off the badminton courts facing the climbing wall. 

Chicken & Cashew Stir Fry

I have spent a while pondering on whether to post my favourite stir-fry recipe. Is it too basic? Is it something that everyone just does as a quick go-to dinner? After much deliberation I have decided to post one of my very tried-and-tested recipes which is a staple here in the Clean Little Tummies household because I think it is a tasty, easy dish, full of colour, and is quite simply a winner dinner!

Fajita Bowls

I don't know about you, but it seems "bowls" are the "it" dish of 2017: Smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, goodness bowls, green bowls - I can't scroll through my Instagram feed without a wide selection of bowls popping up. Not wanting to miss out on all the bowl fun, I've come up with a special bowl à la clean little tummies this weekA fajita bowl suitable for Clean Little Tummies and Happy Mummies everywhere.

Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Are you looking for something to brighten up those January mornings? Does all the fun and frolics seem like a million miles away? If so, I'm here with a new recipe for some overnight oats that will make mornings a lot more tasty and a lot easier when you present yourself and your Clean Little Tummies with little jars of flavoursome oats.

Clean Little Fish Fingers

2017...It's finally here! We're over the festivities, and all the change-ups that it brings, and finally back to normal. And "normal" calls for... meal planning and getting back some of the routine we left behind in, well, November really! 

Goodnight 2016 & Thank You x

As 2016 draws to a close I thought I'd write a little round up of my favourite recipes since I started blogging. 2016 has been the start of new things for myself, Mr J and our Clean Little Tummies. We started the year by offering on a new house which then all went through in May, we've had new starts at school and at playgroup, first tastes and first steps and of course the start of Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies.

Festive Fun for Clean Little Tummies

Term is over for us here and I'm not sure who is more excited, me or the children. Two full weeks without school runs, screaming tantrum filled nursery drop offs, swimming lessons with two little ones in tow but instead long, chilled days at home celebrating my favourite time of the year. Sounds idyllic doesn't it? Until about 10am on Monday morning when every toy in the house will be out, we'll be on snack number 5 and there will have been a million fights over the red pencil! So what can we do to entertain Little Ones during the school holidays?

Clean Little Christmas Cookies

The Festive period has well and truly arrived. Everywhere we look we spy a Father Christmas, much to little Joe's amusement.  There are Christmas lights all over the place, every other song on the radio is a Christmas hit and there is Christmas food everywhere you look. Yum! 


Our Warm and Comforting Nutty Crumble

Winter is definitely upon us. It's cold, really cold, and I, like many others, find myself in need of some warmth and comfort in food...which leads me to an Apple Crumble. Who doesn't love crumble? A childhood staple on winter's days, at school or after the family Sunday Roast. So I'm here today with a "clean" version which has had the seal of approval from the Clean Little Tummies. 


An Advent Calendar of Family Fun

Advent Calendars are such a lovely tradition counting down to the big day. When I was growing up, I remember the thrill of opening a little door on a paper advent calendar to reveal a festive picture of an angel, a donkey or a shepherd each year in the lead up to Christmas. But Advent calendars have changed - they're now loaded with treats which are no good for clean little tummies first thing in the morning. Today, I want to share my idea for a chocolate free, activity-filled Advent!

Our 5 Favourite Winter Warmers

One of my favourite bits about November is the warming winter dinners, like soups and stews, that start to appear on our weekly menu plan. You can bring out the slow-cooker (if you have one), or allow something delicious to simmer gently in the oven or on your stove for a few hours - your house will smell irresistible when you get in from work or school, or the dreaded swimming lessons! If you're clever, and pop in as many veggies and proteins as you can, then you and your Clean Little Tummies will get all the nourishment you need simply from one big bowlful. 

Little Bites of Energy for Mummies

It's been a tough week of almost-three-year-old behaviour here at Clean Little Tummies. There have been tears and tantrums -- his and mine! You all know those days...We've all had them, no matter how in control everyone else may look, we know anyone with a toddler is only a broken breadstick away from a meltdown. So, whilst a glass of wine would be nice, it might not be the best option mid-morning or just before the afternoon school run. I have a little energy bite recipe which is quick to whip up and might just rescue you from toddlers on the rampage!! 

4 Ways to Warm Up November

November has arrived; it's a lot colder, darker and generally a little bit dull after all the fabulous Autumn colours through October. It's not December either so we can't really be too excited about Christmas just yet, despite the efforts of the high street retailers. So what does November have to offer? Here are my foodie & family thoughts on November which I think will get us through to the Big D! 

Clean Little Chicken Dippers

It's all done for now, again! Halloween is done, half term is done (minus the on going backlog of washing and cleaning) and so it's time for some new dinner ideas to get us through to Christmas! First up this week is some Clean Little Chicken Dippers. Chicken nuggets are often a favourite with children, but they do have a very bad reputation in the world of children's food. So I'm here with a Joe Wicks (who doesn't love a bit of Lean in 15?) inspired recipe that will suit your Clean Little Tummies and make you a happy Mummy or Daddy, without any highly processed 'badness' entering little your Little Tummies. 

Clean Little Tummies In the Kitchen

It has been half term this week in the UK and it's been lovely to slow down a little (as much as you can with three small children!) and spend some time doing the activities that term time doesn't always allow for. We've been bike riding, collecting leaves and conkers, pumpkin carving, we spent a gorgeous day at Wimpole Hall, a favourite National Trust haunt of ours, and, of course, we've some time in the kitchen. 

A Trio of Spooky Veggie Dips

We're getting all 'Halloweeny' here in the Clean Little Tummies household. There are pumpkins everywhere you look and a lot of halloween talk at school; we have a build up of halloween party invitations, and the costumes have been tried on (a lot) already! The little pumpkin candles are on display, the wind-up ghost has made an appearance from the toy box...and now it's up to Mummy to think up the Halloween Tea Party menu (insert appropriate emoji expression here)! In all honesty, we will probably keep it simple this year, but I don't think you can let such a special day in a child's world pass by without a little fuss and goodness!