All in Breakfast

Super Easy Blueberry Overnight Oats

Whilst porridge will always remain a firm breakfast favourite in our house, we have recently become fans of overnight oats. What's the difference? Porridge is cooked oatmeal, while overnight oats are oats soaked overnight in a liquid of your choice, usually milk and yoghurt, and served with your favourite toppings. Overnight oats are, essentially, a faster, and tastier way to get your hit of oats-ey goodness. And trust me, they are delicious!

Wholesome Apple & Blackberry Autumn Cookies

Who doesn't love autumn? It's the most beautiful time of the year. It's also the time of year when you can't go a Sunday afternoon family walk without a big tub for collecting blackberries; when the little tummies return home with blackened mouths and full tummies, having eaten more blackberries than they've collected! Which means... the perfect time for our Wholesome Apple & Blackberry Autumn Cookies.

Date & Raisin Breakfast Loaf

We're great porridge lovers in our house (that's another blog post coming soon...) but we also like toast, or any sort of finger food that can be eaten while waiting for the porridge to cook. Recently, we've been munching our way through this Date & Raisin Breakfast Loaf, which provides a natural sweetness that any 'clean little tummy' will enjoy and makes for a scrumptious alternative to ordinary toast. 

Raspberry Chia Jam

One of life's little treats is some toast and jam on a cold winter's morning. But so many shop-bought jams contain enormous amounts of sugar - which do not make for clean little tummies or healthy, cavity-free teeth!

Making jam with chia seeds - those anti-oxidant packed little super seeds - is a good way to make jam which is both lower in sugar (thanks to the way the chia seeds expand with fluids, making the jam more viscous without the need for more sugar) and also higher in nutritional value.